Kefir & Probiotics

What’s Kefir?

Starfruit is made with Lifeway Kefir. But what’s Kefir?

Well, Kefir (pronounced “kee-fur”) is a bubbly drink that was discovered by accident when ancient shepherds realized fresh milk carried in leather pouches occasionally fermented into a deliciously effervescent beverage. Named for the Turkish word for “good feeling,” Kefir really does feel good – especially when eaten as a delicious frozen treat!

What makes Kefir light years beyond yogurt is that instead of two or three probiotics, Kefir contains 10 – count ‘em – 10 live and active probiotic cultures. These healthy bacteria are what makes our frozen treats so much more than just great tasting – the probiotics make Starfruit healthy for your body too!

Kefir is known to naturopathic doctors as a natural cure for digestive troubles because the probiotics it contains encourage the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system. Because it is such an easily digested food, Kefir is ideal for infants, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, people who suffer from constipation and those who are lactose-intolerant.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are what make Starfruit frozen treats so much more healthful than yogurt. The word “probiotic” even means “beneficial for life” in Greek.

In the past couple of years, “probiotics” has become a buzzword in the health community, and Starfruit frozen treats are filled with these live and active cultures. That’s because all Starfruit products are made with Lifeway Kefir. Considering it goes back 2000 years, you could say Kefir is the original probiotic.

But what are probiotics? Probiotics are not the easiest thing to explain, but here’s the basic lowdown. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help strengthen your body’s eco-system. These miracle cultures may help support immunity and promote better digestion. Research shows they may also help lower your cholesterol, aid with weight loss, ease symptoms of ADD, fight lactose-intolerance and regulate the body while on antibiotics. That’s not all. Probiotics are especially helpful during times of sickness, pregnancy or nursing, indigestion, when you’re hungover, even after a particularly garlicky meal to counteract bad breath! Not too shabby, huh?

While you can get probiotics in pill form, who really wants to take a yucky old pill? We think the best way to get this healthful bacteria into your system – plus the added benefits of calcium, protein and fiber – is by eating delicious, low calorie, lowfat Starfruit frozen treats.

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